No.3 NAME REQUEST ACCEPTING ♪The first 5 people! 名前入りカードの名前募集 ♪ 先着5名!

  NOW  ACCEPTING  ! ただ今受付中 !

★It's free. of course ;-)
first-come-first-served basis 5 people!
★image format is JPEG. I'll upload finished data on this site.
★When number reaches limit, I'll start making.
Please use home use "ink jet printer"
★accepting on this article's comments section
※I might not be able to meet your request depending on content.
for example, if I can't find your name on internet or feeling like mischief...:-(

カードサンプル Card sample↓
Corner line is "crop/cut marks". Place a ruler here, and cut out with a cutter.


★名前はローマ字ではなく ひらがな でもOK!「ちゃん」「さん」を付けたい場合もその旨コメント欄に明記してくださいね。


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